Owned and operated by Kathy Dolbow Doran, WORDrunner, Inc. has been in business since May 2000 and has provided researching, writing, content development, editing, and proofreading skills to individual business owners, corporations, government entities, nonprofits, and college students whose native language is not English. Kathy’s love of the written word began at an early age and her appreciation and talent for coming up with just the right phrase can make the difference between effectively conveying a point and missing it altogether.

Kathy earned a master’s degree in Instructional Design at the University of Miami and a bachelor’s of arts in English at Eastern Kentucky University.

Kathy has published many articles, blog postings and a book, "Finding Your Niche Can be a Real Bitch, But it Doesn’t Have to Be" and is working on a second book titled, "Necessity is the Mother of (Re)Invention."